2016 Reading Challenge

A friend of mine saw this and shared it on Facebook, so I thought it would be fun to share and keep track here on the blog!

Rules (as she stated):

-Books must be started THIS year, unless only a small portion of them has been read prior to the beginning of the year. (ex. You got 20 pages into the book in Dec. and finish it now)
-Books can qualify for multiple categories
-You cannot choose books you have already read (exempt is the 'reread a book from high school' category, obviously)
-You may use books you have started, but have not completed (As long as a significant portion of the book is left)
-You must let me know on here if you are participating or if you join late
-At the end of the year, you must provide me with a list of the books you have read

*The prize for Most Pages Read can be awarded to someone who does not complete the challenge, but must be a participant.
*Pages read does not equate number of pages in book. Please do not count prefix/end notes.

A book based on a fairy tale: The Rose and the Dagger, Renee Ahdieh
A National Book Award Winner
A YA Bestseller: Lady Midnight, Cassandra Clare
A book you haven't read since high school
A book set in your home state: Lady Midnight, Cassandra Clare
A book translated to English
A romance set in the future: Born of Legend, Sherrilyn Kenyon
A book set in Europe: One Silver Summer, Rachel Hickman
A book that's under 150 pages: The Moth and the Flame by Renee Ahdieh
A New York Times Bestseller: A Gathering of Shadows, V.E. Schwab
A book that's becoming a movie this year: Me Before You, Jojo Moyes
A book recommended by someone you just met
A self-improvement book
A book you can finish in a day: Fire Touched, Patricia Briggs
A book written by a celebrity: Binge, Tyler Oakley
A political memoir
A book at least 100 years older than you
A book that's more than 600 pages: Empire of Storms, Sarah J. Maas
A book from Oprah's Book Club
A science fiction novel
A book recommended by a family member
A graphic novel
A book that is published in 2016Fire Touched, Patricia Briggs
A book with a protagonist who has your occupation: Sugar Daddy, Sawyer Bennett
A book that takes place during summer: The Distance from A to Z, Natalie Blitt
A book and its prequel: Proposal and Remembrance, Meg Cabot
A murder mystery: Remembrance, Meg Cabot
A book written by a comedian
A dystopian novel: The Sight, Chloe Neill
A book with a blue cover: Atlantis Rising, Gloria Craw
A book of poetry
The first book you see in a bookstore
A classic from the 20th century
A book from the library
An autobiography: Binge, Tyler Oakley
A book about a road trip: Wanderlost, Jen Malone
A book about a culture you're unfamiliar with: The Rose and the Dagger, Renee Ahdieh
A satirical book
A book that takes place on an island
A book that's guaranteed to bring you joy: Empire of Storms, Sarah J. Maas

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