Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Writing Update #9

For Brightly She Burns

Words Written: 2, 010

Words Total: 18, 574

Music: Didn't listen to music this time!


I expected him to snap back at me, or at least demand some respect. But instead he just leaned away from me so his weight was on his arm, the fingers of his other hand running over his chin.

“I am not the only one who has acknowledged that Devany’s action have gotten a bit out of hand-"

“Out of hand? She burned your brother’s Own out of existence.” I interrupted.

Note: A god or goddess's "Own" is how they describe the people in each god or goddess's land/territory, like a people in a unified sense. 

Happy Writing! 


Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Writing Update #8: I Really Should've Slept

Guess who signed up for Camp NanoWrimo!

For Brightly She Burns

Words Written: 2,759

Words Total: 16,571

Music: The Way (Instrumental) by Zack Hemsey

Fave Passage:

It wasn’t that I didn’t trust him. I did. But there was a sinking feeling in my stomach that I couldn’t shake that wherever he was taking us, it was going to change everything. I should have noticed when I saw a goddess in the flesh. Or maybe I did, and it had just taken a few days and strange dreams and wolves made of darkness to get my brain to understand that the rules of the world were shifting. But something told me that it wasn’t just a refugee camp we were heading towards.

Rychon taught me to survive. He also taught me that no one gives anything without expecting something return, and that there was often more than one reason why anyone did anything.

Happy Writing! 


Monday, March 26, 2018

Writing Update #7

For Brightly She Burns

Words Written: 1577

Words Total: 13814

Music: Start a War by Klergy & Valerie Broussard

Favorite Passage*:

I could barely make out Rhys’s constellation through the trees, but I followed the stars along the first ridge, then the second. Two twin triangles. Rhys and Feyre, who loved each other so eternally they became the two stars that shined at the peaks of the two mountains in the sky, shining forever.

*Yes, this is a direct ode to Sarah J. Maas and also I just finished rereading the Court of Thorns and Roses series for the hundredth time and I JUST LOVE THEM SO MUCH okay?

Happy Reading! 


Thursday, March 22, 2018

Writing Update #6

For Brightly She Burns

Words Written: 1,171

Words Total: 12,237

Music: This Place Is a Shelter by Olafur Arnalds and Love & Loss by Mattia Cupelli

Fave Passage:
They all looked so tired. Tired but not unhappy. Displaced but not homeless. The house was just a house but everything that mattered was here. It was dangerous, choosing people to love.

Happy Writing!


Sunday, March 18, 2018

Writing Update #5: We Tried Yoga

Hey guys! Thought I'd just let you know that these titles are completely random and just a statement about what I did that day. I don't know why. Maybe because I always end up writing these updates right before midnight and I'm very tired. Anywho. I had a dream last night, woke up, and wrote almost 1000 words on my phone that I then texted to myself. So.

For Brightly She Burns

Words Written: 3,212

Words Total: 11,067

Music: Walk Through the Fire by Zayde Wolf Ft. Ruelle (I'm one of those on repeat people, oops)

Fave Passage:

I shouted in surprise and waived my hand around, causing the wolf’s slobber to be flung everywhere. Making a noise, I wiped my hand on my pants and looked back at the creature. The wolf didn’t have a face, per se, but I was sure that it was grinning, and I could see the strange, shadowy tongue wagging in pleasure.

“For a shadow you sure have a lot of spit.”

This line always makes me laugh (it's made it through multiple rewrites of this story). 

Happy Writing!


Friday, March 16, 2018

Writing Update #4: So Tired

For Brightly She Burns

Words Written: 1,520

Words Total: 7,855

Music: Mr. Sandman by SYML and Walk Through the Fire by Zade Wolf & Ruelle

Fave Passage:

Do not worry, Farrow. The voice, smooth and deep and quiet, whispered sung hummed across my mind. It almost sounded like another language, the words lilting and light. The world blinked in and out as I uselessly fought unconsciousness. You have nothing to fear. Sleep.

And then I let the darkness take me.

Happy Writing!


Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Writing Update #3: On a Roll

For Brightly She Burns

Words Written: 2,281

Words Total: 6,334

Music: The Born King by Daniel Pemberton

Fave Passage:

A dress that looked made of molten gold clung to her body, her dark hair pooling on the armrest where she rested her head on her bent arm. She was too bright, too beautiful. She was life and death and the last moment of brilliance before the sun sank below the mountains that stood in the north.

Nails, long and sharp and painted black, tapped against a pale, pale cheek. The Goddess of the Sun was sitting in the room, mere feet away from me.

And she was smiling as though she had just won a prize.

Happy Writing!


Monday, March 12, 2018

Writing Update #2: Damn You, Daylight Savings

So. Children of the Sun and Moon. That one that had almost 60,000 words? Yeah. I scrapped it. *laughs hysterically*

BUT I restarted it as the story that I think it was supposed to be all along so I am proud to present

... *drumroll please*....

FOR BRIGHTLY SHE BURNS (formerly Children of the Sun and Moon)

Date: Monday, March 12, 2018

Words Written: 2,252

Words Total: 4,060

Music:  Sweet Dreams (A Wrinkle In Time Trailer Song) ft. Dresage

Fave Passage:

There were ten gods in the Pantheon of Trectoros, each with their own kingdom. Devany was in the center, as was fitting I suppose, in the dry desert climate and a palace made of gold. Then there was Strata with her schools of logic, Perclarion and his brothels, Grera with her fields, Rhys hidden in his mountains, and Seron, doing whatever the hell the God of Trickery does. At the farthest points of the compass were Huron in the south with his jungles and dense forests and the greatest hunters on the continent; Fost in the north, the island surrounded by waves so rough they were said to break ships completely in half; Egon to the east, a collection of islands and people who were rumored to be able to breath underwater; and then finally Oron to the west, where there once stood a grand temple made of white stone that shone in the moonlight and where stars used to fall to the earth and dance. Or so the stories went.

Happy Writing!


Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Writing Update #1: Let's Get Started, Shall We?

Hi all!

In case you didn't know, along with reading books, I also have dreams of being writer! After participating in NanoWrimo this last November (I won! And a day early too!) I have really gotten back into the swing of things with writing and thought I'd share my journey with you! I saw a post like this on another blog - I cannot remember for the life of me the name so forgive me - and thought it was a great way to share and also give myself a sense of accountability 😬😬.

I actually have three different WIPs right now, because I hate myself, so I'll give a little rundown of each.

Children of the Sun and Moon:
  • Current Word Count: 58,919
  • Alanna the Lioness meets Dividing Eden: A young woman training to be an assassin must battle her classmates, her twin brother, and the gods to kill the king and save the world from ruin. 
  • Not a fan of the title (lol)
  • New Adult Fantasy. 
  • A kickass heroine
  • A brother who makes bad choices 
  • Gods who have too much time on their hands. 
  • Assassins. 
  • Kings. 
  • A sexy god of death, an irritating god of the moon, and a bloodthirsty goddess of the sun. 

114 Griffiths Hall:
  • Current Word Count: 252 (plus a mock newsletter, so more!)
  • You've Got Mail meets Fangirl: A girl gets attached to mystery classmates when she decides to write an unsolicited "Ask Annie"-esque column in her dorm's newsletter after she realizes she can hear all the conversations that happen in the stairwell outside her room. 
  • YA/NA Contemporary
  • Exposes the seedy underbelly of college band parties (just kidding)
  • One person may or may not be the hot guy from English class
  • Based on an actual experience

Strong Are the Wicked:
  • Current Word Count: 11,735
  • I don't have a good pitch for this yet, except that there are traces of Cruel Prince. Casten lives in Wicked, a city that rewards those who do evil with magic. When her sister is taken as part of game of power by the ruling class, called the Fair Ones, Casten follows her to the palace with the goal of proving that there are different forms of power. 
  • A land that's alive and likes people who do bad things
  • A girl who fights back by being kind
  • Sisters
  • Sexy fae-esque creatures
  • Some really horrible fae-esque creatures
  • A ferret-like creature named Sid who is literally darkness but I still imagine as being very cute.
And here is my first writing update! 

Strong are the Wicked

Words written today: 1, 729

Favorite Line(s): 
"But she wanted power, more so than the rest of us. She wanted more. She wanted. Wanting was fine, anywhere other than Wicked. Here, wanting came with the caveat of horrible things, of cruelty and blood. She wanted and was willing to do something about it and that made her all that much better and all that much worse."

Thanks for reading!